Culture change is driven by leadership but is only realised when people at all levels feel genuine ownership and can tangibly influence the systems around them. When you get it right the impact on performance can be profound.

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The benefits

Our Intrapreneurship Programme develops people, ideas and culture. It kicks starts creativity and collaboration by challenging your people to think and act differently. The Programme connects senior leaders with staff closest to the problem who have transformative ideas.

Team Meeting@2X

Helps to develop an innovation driven culture

Cog Double@2X

Creates new products and services

Presentation Analytics@2X (1)

Aligns innovation with purpose driven strategy

The features

We help you activate and invest in a community of intrapreneurs, empowering anyone to make change, and building a groundswell of support for innovation. Working closely in partnership with you, we will help you build that groundswell in to long term, sustainable change.

Light Bulb Shine@2X

Increases your peoples’ innovation skills by up to 36%

Space Rocket Flying@2X (1)

Enables staff to develop and implement new ideas

Team Meeting@2X

Increases staff engagement by up to 10%

Split Yellow@3X

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