Our Values

  • Driven by our mission to improve lives through Intrapreneurship.
  • Take our work seriously, but not ourselves.
  • Value and encourage different perspectives.
  • Make a difference to the people we work with and to wider society.
  • Balance social impact with financial sustainability.
  • Do things differently and encourage new ways of thinking.
  • Committed to excellence, we have high expectations and support each other to deliver on them.
  • Build partnerships based on trust and respect.
  • Our social enterprise business model means all revenue is reinvested to achieve our mission.
Carol Laing

Our Hallmarks

  • Highly professional engagement, presentation and facilitation.
  • Visually attractive and accessible resources
  • High quality branding.
  • Use of Business Storytelling.
  • Activities tailored to peoples’ needs.
  • Learning from experience.
  • Facilitation explicitly designed to achieve transformation.
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