This workshop introduces storytelling as a powerful business tool. Using proven strategies and methodologies, your team will develop the creativity, confidence and skills to enable their messages to truly stand out.

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The benefits

People are more likely to buy into an organisation when they engage with a compelling, memorable, authentic message. But this can be one of the hardest things to do! As humans we are hardwired to listen and connect through stories. This workshop will move your team away from ‘information provision’ and open up their ability to connect with people on any issue.

Human Resources Hierarchy@2X

Influence an audience to deliver change

Team Chat@2X

Communicate the value of an idea in a compelling and memorable way

Presentation Analytics@2X (1)

Deliver stand out presentations

The features

Our highly practical approach enables people to quickly develop a powerful way to talk about ideas. We also build a community of storytellers, creating a rich source of feedback and learning.

Single Neutral Actions Graduate@2X (1)

Learn the science behind compelling stories used within a business context

Cog Double@2X

Develop and deliver your own stories using practical tools and techniques

Human Resources Hierarchy@2X

Receive transformative coaching to build confidence and competence

Split Yellow@3X

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