The impact of The Lens

As a charity and social enterprise measuring the efficacy of our work is important. We evaluate our success against delivering our mission of improving people’s lives through intrapreneurship by a number of different measures. You can read about some of them below as well as watching our impact video.

Our impact in numbers

Making a difference

User Idea 3 Copy@3X


Increase in people's innovation skills

Group 3@2X

14 pts

Increase in staff engagement

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Increase in organisation's innovation attributes

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Return on Investment

Innovation skills

One of our key measures is whether or not the people who we have engaged have seen a change in their innovation skills, which include:

  • Associating 
  • Questioning
  • Observing
  • Networking
  • Experimenting

These skills were identified in a ‘The Innovators DNA’, a major study published by Harvard Business Review. The authors spent six years studying the habits of 25 innovative entrepreneurs and surveyed more than 3,000 executives and 500 individuals who had started innovative companies or invented new products. We have seen an increase of, on average, 36% of individuals rating themselves extremely or very capable in each skill after working with us.

Group 2 Copy@3X

Staff engagement

Another key measure is staff engagement. We know that by increasing this measure organisations will see increased productivity, better quality work, improved customer service and higher retention of staff.

For those that we work with, we have seen an increase of, on average, 14 points of individuals rating how engaged they are.

Group 2@3X Copy

Innovation attributes

Our final measure is the change in how individuals perceive their organisation’s innovation attributes, which include:

  • Purposefulness
  • Experimentation
  • Empowerment
  • Looking out
  • Collaboration
  • Refinement

These attributes were identified by IDEO after studying their 26-year archive of projects, as well as external sources focused on innovation. Defining what innovation meant across many different companies was complex, but ultimately, they found that the most important element is the organisation’s ability to adapt and respond to change. They then broke this down into the six different attributes listed above.

From our evaluation, we have seen an average increase of individuals rating their organisation as being extremely or very capable ineach attribute by 26%.

Average Change In Organisational Innovation Attributes@2X

Impact evaluation studies

Check out our what our independent evaluation studies have said about The Lens Programme

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