This programme will help your team look at problems differently and discover how to work with and around them, rather than against them. They will consider the value proposition and business model of their ideas, and use prototyping and testing to make improvements. They’ll also gain the confidence and skills to articulate and demonstrate their ideas, so you can make stronger investment decisions.

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The benefits

We know that those closest to the problem have great ideas. They understand customers and the challenges they face better than anyone else. Where they need support is in thinking their ideas through fully and articulating the value of their solution.

Light Bulb Shine@2X

Develop up to 6 ideas into investment ready propositions

Team Chat@2X

Empower your people to describe the value of their idea, leading to investment based decisions

Human Resources Businessman@2X

Enable your staff to incorporate business development skills into their role

The features

We combine high quality facilitation with proven practical tools tailored to your organisation, developing the skills and ideas you need for long term impact.

Space Rocket Flying@2X (1)

Increase your peoples’ innovation skills by 36%

Presentation Analytics@2X (1)

Understand how to use business models and value propositions to develop ideas

Cog Double@2X

Use prototyping and testing to improve ideas through live customer feedback

Split Yellow@3X

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