As well as running Programmes with larger scale Third and Public Sector organisations The Lens, with the support of the William Grant Foundation, also delivers the Shared Programme. This allows medium sized charities to take part. This evaluation was conducted to review the effectiveness of this approach. 

You can read the Executive Summary or the full Evaluation Report but we’ve summarised the key findings for you below. 

The results

The evaluation concluded that: 

  • 'The Lens is a workplace innovation programme that enables organisations to build an empowering, entrepreneurial culture.
  • This evaluation has found that The Lens Shared Programme has the potential to make a significant contribution to Scottish Government economic strategy around innovation and inclusive growth by overcoming barriers to workplace innovation…'  

Highlights of The Lens Shared Programme 

  • The whole package of Developing Intrapreneurship workshops, which were rated as enjoyable, challenging and useful.
  • The Idea Station Posters, Enablers support and Studios, which all created a buzz and supported applicants well.
  • The Final, which gave a platform to Finalists’ ideas and was important to each making progress, regardless of the investment awarded on the day.

The Lens would like to thank Jenni Inglis from VIE for her excellent work.

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