The Lens commissioned the Hunter Centre for Entrepreneurship to conduct a qualitative review of our Intrapreneurship Programmes that we ran between 2015 and 2019. You can download a copy of the The Lens: A Qualitative Programme Review 2015-19 but we have summarised the key results below.

The Results

The review found strong evidence that The Lens programme contributed directly and indirectly to increases across three innovation dimensions: workforce, organisation and social. A number of strengths were highlighted, including: 

  • The design of the programme, which was intricate and detailed and focused on direct outcomes (e.g., developing entrepreneurial skills amongst workforce) as well as indirect facilitation (e.g., enabling work with middle managers). 
  • Strong direct evidence was found that the programme developed entrepreneurship, leadership and presentation skills. 
  • The programme demonstrated that The Lens increased job satisfaction, self-confidence and passion amongst participants. 
  • The results showed that the programme directly and indirectly contributed to the development of practices, processes and routines that improved efficiency or solved internal organisation problems. 
  • Strong evidence was found that The Lens process directly developed innovations that provided solutions to health and social problems. 

The Lens would like to thank Dr Stephen Knox and Carolina Marin-Cadavid of the Hunter Centre for Entrepreneurship for their excellent work.

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