The Lens - Changing Perspectives

Why is The Lens needed?

Economic forecasts vary in detail, but all confirm increasing levels of need and continued pressure on public expenditure. Developments such as service integration, personalisation and choice all increase the need for service reform and redesign.

We believe these challenges can be tackled with innovative and intrapreneurial thinking and there are many people in the third sector who share our view. Partnership with The Lens will help create a platform for such thinking and encourage its growth within your organisation.

What can The Lens do to help you?

The Lens helps organisations deliver benefits in many different ways. Whatever your role in an organisation, The Lens has something to offer you:

CEOs and Senior Leaders

For CEOs and Boards who want to make sustainable, positive change, we will help you develop a team of skilled, creative intrapreneurs and a pipeline of new ideas and business opportunities. We will offer specialised training and mentoring through a tailor-made package, helping you achieve the outcomes you want.

The Lens places an emphasis on prototyping and testing business ideas to generate the data and learning you need to make informed investment-based decisions.

Partners also benefit from ACOSVO membership for your CEO and four members of your senior leadership team.


Over 130

intrapreneurs supported

Operational Managers

The Lens supports you by enabling new thinking and developing practical skills. Our programme is pro-active, solution-focused and encourages a positive and realistic approach to the future. The Lens will support you and your teams to become skilled intrapreneurs, encouraging innovation and sustainability.

It provides opportunities to develop the individual skills of your team, and team-bonding experiences.

With an emphasis on service design, and listening closely to what people need, it can help create solutions for commissioners and funders looking for change.


Investment leveraged

Operational Staff

You have unique knowledge of the people you support and valuable ideas on how services could be improved. Participating in The Lens will help you realise your ideas.

We offer training support to help you develop your ideas, focusing on impact and sustainability. Lens Finalists receive support in business modelling, value proposition, pitching, prototyping and testing. Indeed, previous participants have described The Lens as a fun, yet competitive, experience that develops intrapreneurial skills.

Partnering with The Lens is a powerful statement by your organisation that they have confidence in your ideas and your ability to facilitate change.


of past applicants thought applying was straight forward.

People you support

The people you work for will benefit from The Lens by receiving improved services, purposefully designed with their experience in mind, by those who know and understand their needs. Due to the emphasis on prototyping and testing, we aim to give more control to people, whose feedback and constructive criticism will enable intrapreneurs to improve their ideas and business models.

The Lens can help you deliver more personalised, sustainable services. It brings benefits to those who access services and don’t pay directly and those who do, such as commissioners, funders or individual purchasers.

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