The Lens - Changing Perspectives

The Lens Wide Angle

The Lens is a structured and disciplined process that develops ideas for innovation from the ground up.


Through co-design with senior leaders, we fully align with your mission, agree what success looks like, set the Investment Criteria and Fund, tailor the programme and identify Judges. The draft Investment Criteria are.


Leadership is crucially important, this day long workshop engages leaders and managers, focussing on middle managers role in particular. It encourages them to do even more to promote intrapreneurship and innovation.  


The Launch announces The Lens Accelerator and tells people how they can take part. It generates a buzz across Wheatley and inspires people to engage. This can be a physical event as well as digital.


Flashbulbs go to every member of staff over a twelve week period. These bite sized, accessible on line resources are a coherent suite of resources, and provide tools and case studies on innovation. To compliment the Flashbulbs we also produce a newspaper with similar content that we will distribute where people can’t access electronic information.


Activating Intrapreneurship is an energetic and dynamic workshop where we generate ideas, create new ways of thinking and connect those ideas to Wheatley’s mission. Promoting collaboration and fresh perspectives, these workshops bring together up to 100 people from different parts of the Group, creating new connections and encouraging applications.


Intrapreneurs are blazing a trail, thinking differently and sometimes challenging the current ways of doing things. Studios are friendly, accessible yet powerful one to one consultations that allow Intrapreneurs to develop and critique their idea. This builds confidence and insight.


The Lens builds a culture of idea generation and constructive critique and investment based decisions. Delegating decision making through peer led judgement, signals a powerful belief in staff, encourages new thinking and accountability. The judging process is facilitated and chaired by The Lens, through specific training and proven methodology with the Investment Criteria at its heart.


Successful applicants progress to become Lens Intrapreneurs and are split into a number of tracks depending on how many applications are submitted. Each track has up to 12 ideas and 24 intrapreneurs. The workshops are designed to develop a growth mindset and intrapreneurial skills set of the Intrapreneurs.

  • CORPORATE STORYTELLING – teaching intrapreneurs to talk about their idea in a compelling way that builds teams and momentum around them
  • BUSINESS MODELLING AND VALUE PROPOSITION – the vital building blocks required to build a sustainable business model
  • PROTOTYPING AND TESTING – introduces the intrapreneurs to user-led design, market testing and prototyping of their ideas
  • PITCHING – teaches intrapreneurs how to integrate what they’ve learned throughout the programme and transform this into an engaging and compelling five minute pitch

SEMI-FINAL (option where there is more than one track)

At the Semi-Final Intrapreneurs will have the opportunity to pitch their developed idea to an audience of their peers, senior leaders and the Judges to secure their place at the Final.

WORKSHOP (option where there is more than one track)

Before the Final, shortlisted Intrapreneurs will come together for a final workshop to redevelop their pitch based on feedback from the Judges.


Where all the learning comes together and is showcased. It’s a high impact event filled with excitement and anticipation as the Intrapreneurs pitch for investment and we take the time to celebrate their achievement, dedication and hard work. Intrapreneurs who haven’t yet secured investment are signposted and supported to think of other options.


Intrapreneurs who successfully secure investment are given skilled support, in the form of mentoring, spanning a 12 month period to continue to develop their growth mindset and intrapreneurial skills as they work to turn their ideas into action. This integrates with the Hot House group support. 


Implementation is crucially important and early action vital. Working closely with each Partner we design a bespoke Hot House which provides a structured programme, building culture through group and one to one coaching. Supported by leaders, it will create connections across the organisation and provide individual time for Intrapreneurs to turn their ideas in to action.


We want to help build a culture of innovation and change. That’s why we measure the skills and attributes most closely associated with innovation. We present an evaluation report after the Final at a review meeting with all key stakeholders. We capture what has been learned and what could be improved on, building this in to the next programme. A final report is produced after the last Mentoring session which examines the impact the ideas have had. 


The delivery of every Programme is supported by the Programme Support team who project manage all aspects, event manage the Final/Investment Day and coordinate all administrative aspects of the Programme.