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Bold and brave leadership

In this blog we explore the key leadership actions needed for a creative, innovative culture powered by intrapreneurship.

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What is intrapreneurship?

As this week is Global Intrapreneurs Week – you can follow what else is happening using the #GIW2020 on twitter – we thought we’d go back to basics with a blog on what intrapreneurship is.


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Future-Proof with Flexible Working

The lockdown has started to ease and people are able to take steps to plan for recovery. Whether that’s re-opening businesses that had to completely shut down or considering how to bring teams back together again, it poses an interesting dichotomy for leaders. Will you take this the opportunity to harness the creativity that led to fundamentally new ways of working over the last few months or will you feel pressure to return to the old “normal”?

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Three Questions to Help you Move Forward

We've been talking to CEOs, managers and frontline staff in many different organisations over the last few weeks. Now that we're months into the Coronavirus response, there's a common theme: exhaustion. Not just the time being spent on work, but from the number of decisions, pace of change and ambiguity that touches everything. These questions are a place to start to help move into a much-needed reflective phase.

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Change: Turbocharged

Can we still manage and plan change well when the change we envisaged is turbocharged, unprecedented and spanning both our personal and professional lives? The answer is YES. While it might feel different, it doesn’t need to be different. By applying basic service design principles and mindset, we can confidently respond at pace rather than through impulse.


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Leveraging Intrapreneurship During a Crisis

Thursday 09 April 2020 / The Lens In The News

The Lens is making a clear offer of support and we are absolutely determined to do everything we can to help during the current crisis. That’s why we are pleased to say that our new services – designed to support you unlock ideas from your people through intrapreneurship – are now live.

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The Lens offer of support

Friday 03 April 2020 / The Lens In The News

The situation we are facing is extraordinary. The scale and complexity of the challenge is something none of us have experienced before. It has been, and will continue to be, tough, for everyone. We are therefore making a clear offer of support to organisations across Scotland.

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My journey with The Lens...

Friday 19 July 2019 / The Lens In The News

Yesterday was my last day at The Lens and wow what a journey! The Lens invests in people and their ideas, it's life changing for people that take part, but it’s also been transformational for me too.  



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Casting a Spotlight on Intrapreneurship

Friday 01 July 2016 / The Lens In The News, The Lens Events

On Friday 3rd June, Lens CEO Steve McCreadie, took to the stage of the Theatre Royal in Glasgow to illuminate the benefits of intrapreneurship at TEDxGlasgow.

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Should or Could?...A Key Question for Innovation

Wednesday 18 May 2016 / The Lens In The News

The Lens CEO, Steve McCreadie, has been reflecting on what our intrapreneurs in The Lens have told us about why they come forward with ideas. And more importantly what appeared to hold them back a little.

In this blog he explores a key question in what motivates people.

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