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Future-Proof with Flexible Working

The lockdown has started to ease and people are able to take steps to plan for recovery. Whether that’s re-opening businesses that had to completely shut down or considering how to bring teams back together again, it poses an interesting dichotomy for leaders. Will you take this the opportunity to harness the creativity that led to fundamentally new ways of working over the last few months or will you feel pressure to return to the old “normal”?

Distinctive new customer and employee habits and approaches have emerged that have smashed previous and outdated ways of working. This seismic shift has the potential to future proof the way we will all choose to work. 

Many companies have resisted letting employees work from home, but this unexpected global working from home experiment has allowed them to see the benefits it can bring. We’ve seen better technology, systems and support put in place to facilitate remote working. 

It’s no coincidence that the people closest to a problem tend to have great ideas about how to fix it. Creative ways of working have been discovered as teams figure out how to join forces at a distance and leaders are improving their ability to manage based on outcomes and objectives rather than presence. 

Imagine you could channel that creativity, however raw and untested, and use it to re-shape what your business as usual looks like and you’re starting to get it. 

Our Future Proof with Flexibility workshop is an exciting collaboration between The Lens and Flexibility Works that brings together expertise on harnessing creativity within organisations with the business benefits of flexible working. 

The workshop will pack a punch for leaders who are looking to break the inertia and share ways to embed innovation and flexibility in their culture. Think inclusive design, new policies and practices, and new approaches to teamwork that support different ways of working.

So get involved. The future is most definitely flexible.

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Susan Perry, Developer, The Lens