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Friday 03 April 2020 / The Lens In The News

The situation we are facing is extraordinary. The scale and complexity of the challenge is something none of us have experienced before. It has been, and will continue to be, tough, particularly for those in our society who are most vulnerable and the organisations that support them. 

As the dust begins to settle on a new normal, we have a better sense of the scale of the challenges we now face. The need to change and build more resilience in our services is an urgent call to action and one that we can meet with creativity and an openness to new ideas.

We believe that only by working as a team – beyond the traditional borders of our organisations – will we get through this challenging period. Senior leaders are facing tough decisions, in a world where uncertainty and risk is the norm. They can be supported by drawing on the collective efforts, talents and creativity of their people to develop new ways of thinking and working.  

Intrapreneurship will be crucial in helping leaders make the most of this opportunity. For those of you unfamiliar with the term, it means acting like an entrepreneur inside a large organisation. This utilitarian language hides the warmth, generosity of spirit, passion and dedication that the hundreds of intrapreneurs we have worked with possess. 

These front-line staff understand like no one else the challenges our customers are facing. Now is the time to unleash this unique insight to develop bold new ways to effectively respond to the multitude of complex problems we are all facing.

That’s why we are making a clear offer of support:

• Power Hours – we are offering mentoring sessions to anyone who has an idea that they’d like to develop and would like some one-to-one support.

• Online Workshops - we will be running a number of online workshops focussed on specific topics to help you turn your idea into action including Resilience for Intrapreneurs and Creative Problem Solving.

• Tools – we will be publishing new content on our website over the coming weeks focussing on practical tools that can be used to generate and develop innovative ideas.

We will do all of this free of charge for organisations in the third and public sector. More information on how to book access our support will be published next week but you can sign up to our newsletter to be one of the first to know. 

Pulling together as communities, companies, charities and public sector organisations is the only way to face these challenges. We are absolutely determined to do everything we can to help.  


Jane Whitworth, Acting CEO, The Lens

If you want to get in touch, please email and one of the team will get back to you to arrange a call.