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Leveraging Intrapreneurship During a Crisis

Thursday 09 April 2020 / The Lens In The News

In my blog last week, we made a clear offer of support. It is only by pulling together as communities, companies, charities and public sector organisations will we be able to overcome the challenges of this unprecedented public health and economic crisis.

I want to reiterate that we are absolutely determined to do everything we can to help. That’s why I am pleased to say that our new services – designed to support you unlock ideas from your people through intrapreneurship – are now live. I’ve included some more information on each of them below, as well as how you can access them.Each of these will be free of charge for organisations in the third and public sector during the lockdown period, and available to the private sector at a discounted rate.

At the heart of our approach has always been the belief that those closest to the problem often have the most insightful solutions. At a time of extraordinary change these ideas are more vital than ever and harnessing the creativity of the whole workforce is crucial to our collective recovery. 

The Lens can work with you to tackle the challenges you are facing in a considered way whilst delivering at pace. Whether you are developing new ideas or a plan B, we can support the process of generating, refining and then prototyping ideas from across your organisation.

Power Hour

We are offering mentoring sessions for anyone with emerging ideas and would like some one-to-one or small group support. This tailored support with one of our experienced team will help you maximise impact and implement at pace.

You can book a place by filling in our Power Hour Request Form.

Lens Labs

Our Labs are a range of online facilitated workshops which will help you adjust to new ways of working and generate and develop new ideas, which include:

• Creative Problem Solving.

• Online Facilitation for Managers.

• Resilience in Times of Change.

• Ideas to Action.

For more information on each of the workshops and to book your place check out our Lens Labs page of our website.

Learning Groups

We will bring together individuals facing a common challenge and establish Learning Groups, allowing facilitated discussions to develop peer supported solutions. These themes are emerging as we work through this crisis and we are open to suggestions as to what would be of most value.

To find out more please visit our Learning Groups page on our website. 

Free Tools & Resources

We’ll begin publishing free tools and resources from next Wednesday on our website. All of the resources will be practical and aimed at helping you either generate, refine or prototype ideas. 

To be one of the first to find out when we publish our tools and resources please sign up to our Spotlight Newsletter.

As with everyone else, we are moving at pace to develop new services and we are practising what we preach by prototyping and iterating as we go. We’d therefore ask that if you’ve either got some feedback or you think we can help you in a different way then please drop us an email using the address below.


Finally, if you’d like us to deliver any of our services for your team or organisation please get in touch by emailing and one of the team will be in touch to arrange a call.  

Jane Whitworth, Acting CEO, The Lens