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Friday 19 July 2019 / The Lens In The News

It has been such a privilege to work alongside the fantastic team, each one an inspiration in their own right with a diverse bag of skills and tools overflowing.  The team run hard and fast, sharpies and Lego in hand, and deliver events and workshops like I’ve never seen. A world class combination of style and substance and it’s been a joy to have played a part the last couple of year.

The heart of The Lens is the Intrapreneur’s. The people bold and brave enough to imagine their organisations mission in a different or improved way. People working at the front line, closest to the people they serve with a unique and valuable insight that is life changing. The Intrapreneurs have vision by the bucket load but more than that, they step forward, put their hand up and volunteer to do something about it. 

Often, it’s service improvement, sometimes a systemic shift, but it’s always transformational for the organisations and the people involved.  As a senior leader you can place no higher value in your staff than to give permission and enablement to reimagine the vision and mission in a different way. Allowing those at the front line of service delivery to focus on why you do things and not how they are currently done.

This brings to mind one of my favourite pitches, although each pitch is a triumph in its own right.  Shirlee and Jordon work in facilities in Highland Hospice.  They spotted an area where they felt they could do more and put their hands up when invited to do something about it. 

They were motivated by wanting the very best for the people at Highland Hospice and delivered a pitch on the 25th June that left people speechless. Their idea will make a real difference to the children and young people who have loved ones living their final days at Highland Hospice. A life changing idea delivered by two inspirational women.

My heart is full of pride and love for The Lens and the tremendous people I have got to meet along the way.