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Casting a Spotlight on Intrapreneurship

Friday 01 July 2016 / The Lens In The News, The Lens Events

In front of a 1,200 strong audience, Steve McCreadie joined a quality line-up of speakers at this year’s TEDxGlasgow to share their take on the theme ‘A Disruptive World’. From the highly profiled founder of BrewDog, James Watt, through to the charismatic and charming writer Anne Ellis, there was something for everyone at TEDxGlasgow.

The overarching desire of TED talks and events is for people to engage with each other, and to share, and keep sharing all of the ideas that have ignited a spark within them. Amongst the inspirational talks, there were interactive labs and panel discussions to explore how we can positively ‘shake-up’ the status quo.

Speaking about his TEDx experience, Steve McCreadie said

“TED is about sharing ideas and The Lens is about turning those ideas into action, so what better fit.

I don’t think I’ve been to an event with such a rich, diverse mix of people who are interested in looking ahead. What I’m interested in now is what actions flow as a result.”

The Lens is slowly but surely beginning to develop a culture of intrapreneurship; a culture that encourages grass root ideas to come to the forefront and be given the time and support they need to be developed. Described as being the ‘buzzword’ of the TEDxGlasgow event, intrapreneurship in Scotland is getting to be a more familiar term, and one which Steve passionately explained has the influence to improve people’s lives.

So, let’s find our intrapreneurs, connect and develop them, because that will change the world.

To watch Steve’s TEDx talk, follow the link:;search%3ATEDxGlasgow%20