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Should or Could?...A Key Question for Innovation

Wednesday 18 May 2016 / The Lens In The News

Its very easy to say what what we, or our teams ‘should’ do to succeed. And of course that matters for many things. We need regulation and consistency.

But does saying you ‘should’ innovate, help us to release the creativity and energy in our teams?

Our experience in The Lens illustrates that providing opportunities for people to describe what they ‘could’ do is a much more powerful and productive way to create change.

Inviting people to bring their ideas forward, and developing these as initiatives that could get investment leads to more and better ideas. This builds the confidence of others to think of new ways of doing things.

This approach finds our intrapreneurs, most of whom wouldn’t describe themselves as such. But they have many ideas for change and improvement. And once we find them, we can develop them and connect them to others, building a critical mass that drives change and improvement

And if you aren’t convinced, ask yourself when you last changed your behaviour as a result of something that someone, without your permission, told you what you should do.

An intrapreneur, a support worker in a large charity with a turnover in region of £37m and 2,000 staff, said:

"This organisation started just with an idea. So who is to say our ideas couldn’t be as big in time. And to be given the confidence to think like that is amazing."

And that’s the confidence and energy that’s born out of what we could do.