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The Lens Intrapreneurs to Benefit From Prestigious Training

Thursday 04 February 2016 / The Lens In The News

From the point of being chosen to be a Finalist right up to the day of delivering the all-important pitch for investment, there's plenty of time to develop and finely tune the idea that's got the intrapreneur into the Final. And that's where we're here to help!  

The Lens founder and Chief Executive Steve McCreadie said "We're really excited at The Lens to see that people are beginning to step forward with some great ideas. We're committed to supporting those intrapreneurswith high quality workshops and one-to-one coaching.” 

The Lens, along with some of our corporate partners, have designed a series of workshops specifically to help Lens Finalists develop their skills and ideas. These include: value proposition and business modelling; corporate story telling; pitching; and prototyping and testing. These workshops have been designed to help unleash the full potential of the Finalist and their idea, but to also build on the complementary skills that are already used within the social care sector.  

In order for us to do that, only the best will do. For example, we're bringing a world-class trainer in Corporate Story Telling all the way from America to deliver a prestigious 2 day workshop. Dan Riehl, of Articulus Training, along with the help of leading Scottish businessman Bob Keiller, will deliver training that will help Finalists bring their idea to life and explain it in a way that quickly establishes a connection with the listener.  

Dan said "I'm really honoured to be coming to Scotland to deliver training with Bob to The Lens Finalists. This is a rare opportunity to be coached by one of the best story tellers in the world. There are a lot of great ideas out there, but the one that is going to change the hearts and minds of people needs to resonate with them. Your idea had a story to tell and we can help you find it."   

The Business Modelling and Prototyping workshops will be just as valuable in ensuring that the Finalists’ ideas offer real value, are sustainable and that the Finalists are capable of designing tests that create feedback that they can use to help them develop their idea. These workshops will be delivered by The Lens team and will use high quality resources that draw from a rich combination of business development, operational management and leadership experience.  

No matter how confident a public speaker you believe you are, to deliver a 3 minute pitch at the Final in front of an Investment Panel, your peers and senior leaders will be a challenge. Communicating an idea clearly and concisely and conveying why it should receive investment will be crucial, so step in Entrepreneurial Spark! The world’s largest free business accelerator for early-stage and growing ventures is going to deliver a special pitch training workshop exclusively for Lens Finalists. The businesses that have benefitted from Entrepreneurial Spark’s support, including their pitch training, have gone on to secure over £18 million of investment to 2014.  

Jim Duffy, Chief Executive of Entrepreneurial Spark said “One of the first things we teach our Chiclets is how to deliver a compelling pitch – if you can’t articulate your own business in 60 seconds no one else will ever be able to buy into your vision. We’ll be teaching Lens Finalists our tested and proven structure and technique for winning pitches – it’s not to be missed!” 

While attending these workshops isn’t compulsory, participating in them will not just improve the Finalists chances of securing investment at the Final, but it’s invaluable learning that can assist in Continuous Professional Development. So if all this information has whetted your creative appetite and you've been sitting on an idea that you think could benefit your organisation, there's still time to get an application in!  

At this application phase, the Judges of the Investment Panel in your respective organisations are just looking for enough potential. So don't worry about having a polished idea in its final form; after all, true innovation is an iterative process. So long as you've evidenced that you've taken the application criteria into consideration, you'll be in with a chance to be selected to go through to the Final.  

Keep an eye out for the Flashbulbs that will have been coming to your inbox as these contain useful resources that will help you with your application. For help with filling out your application form or for more information about the workshops get in touch with your Lens contact within your organisation or contact Lens CEO, Steve McCreadie at