The Lens - Changing Perspectives

The Impact of The Lens

We are proud to have reached over 4,500 people across 11 organisations with our Intrapreneurship Programme. We have developed 128 intrapreneurs and their ideas as well as leveraging over a combined £680k worth of investment – £374k from our Investment Days and £306k follow on investment.

You will see from our Impact of The Lens video to the left that our Programmes deliver a number of different outcomes:

  • Increased culture of innovation.
  • Increased employee engagement.
  • Increased innovation skills.
  • Increased participation in the innovation process.
  • Increased number of ideas turned into action. 

While its critical to measure the impact of the ideas generated through The Lens process, developing people’s innovation skills leads to greater organisational capability and sustainability.


That’s why, at The Lens, we measure the development of five skills most closely associated with innovation. These skills were identified in a ‘The Innovators DNA’, a major study by Dyer J et al and published by Harvard Business Review in 2011. 

We have seen an increase of, on average, 34% of individuals rating themselves extremely or very capable in each skill after participating in a Lens Programme. This is compared to how they rated their skills before participation.

The Lens also helps to develop a culture of innovation with our Partners. To measure the impact of the Programme we use IDEO’s innovation attributes. They include:

From our evaluation, participants have increased their rating, on average, of their organisation as being extremely or very capable in each attribute by 34%.

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