The Lens - Changing Perspectives

Power Hour

The need to adapt how we do business has never been more urgent, but quickly turning ideas into reality with limited resources is challenging.


What is a Power Hour?

Power Hour sessions can work for staff at any level who want to focus on a problem and rapidly work through the next steps.

They act as a creative and quick way to:

  • Better understand a problem you are stuck on
  • Work out how to move an idea towards implementation or rapid scaling


How can a Power Hour help?

This independent space can help individuals or small teams by:

  • Facilitating creative problem solving and helping you to interrogate the problem you are facing from a range of different perspectives
  • Helping you to surface lots of ideas before prioritising which ideas should be explored further
  • Planning ways to test the assumptions you have about an existing idea and the value it will serve
  • Helping you to visualise how an idea could be implemented in practice and outline strategies to measure its impact



  • 60-minute focused coaching session via a call, Skype or Zoom
  • Options for one to one or small group format with up to three members of your team
  • Your needs are matched to a Lens facilitator with particular interest and/or experience in the key themes you identify at registration



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