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The need to adapt how we do business – whatever your mission – has never been more urgent. There are lots of common challenges people are working on, sometime in isolation. Our Learning Groups will bring together individuals from a range of backgrounds to develop peer led solutions.

How do Learning Groups work?

Each group is initiated by a request from a professional to ‘start the conversation’ on a problem they are grappling with. We enable the conversation by taking care of making that happen. We do this by extending the invite amongst our own networks, coordinating the logistics on their behalf and harnessing our facilitation experience.


How can Learning Groups help?

Chaired and facilitated by experienced Lens facilitators, the focus of each group will be on a specific issue emerging from the COVID-19 crisis. We will group together individuals like you based on the problem they are tackling, what type of role you are in and where you are in your problem solving journey. By joining a learning group, you will:

  • Work with peers to understand the challenge you are facing.
  • Build your network through collaborative learning.
  • Lean on the creativity of the group to develop innovative solutions.
  • Learn from best practice from different sectors and industries.


  • Support and challenge specific to thematic area facilitated to best advantage using digital platforms.
  • Action learning approach taken to ensure progress made.
  • Numbers will be limited to a maximum of 8 to ensure there is space to share experience.


Initiate a new group

The focus of your Learning Group will be tailored to your individual starting point which The Lens team will better understand via a quick and easy registration process


Join New Learning Groups

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