The Lens - Changing Perspectives

I am delighted to present our Annual Report which represents the second full operating year of The Lens.  As we build on the success achieved in our inaugural year, this reports presents an opportunity to reflect on our development, collaboration and the continued growth of intrapreneurship across Scotland. 

The report covers the period 6 April 2017 to 5 April 2018, although given the speed of change and growth at The Lens and the start up nature of our organisation we do make some observations and celebration of important events since the year end. 

In the year under review, we partnered with 8 organisations in total. In these, we facilitated 83 Enablers, 33 Judges and 74 Intrapreneurs to secure investment totalling £204,000. 

We continue to evidence how The Lens can impact positively on public sector reform and will work closely with the Scottish Government and partners to enhance this. We are particularly keen to see how The Lens can promote greater collaboration across third, public and private sector. 

The Lens has proven its value and impact and we have ambitions to grow further, releasing the creativity and talent in Scotland's organisations to improve peoples lives. 

Click on the following link to access The Lens Annual Report 2017-18.

To view our annual accounts you can visit our Accounts page.